Tobacco Accessories

tobacco accessories


Tobacco on its own is about as useful as a car with fuel. To benefit from tobacco smoking, you will also need to acquire some paraphernalia to really enjoy the optimal experience.

For Pipe smokers, obviously you will need to purchase a pipe

There are numerous pipes on themarket today, so it is best to take your time and find the one that is best for you. You may also need a pipe knife, maybe a pipe rest, pipe rack, pipe cleaners, mouthpiece bits, pipe polish, and filters. View a wide range of Pipe Accessories.

To keep your tobacco nice and dry and fresh, it is best to purchase a tobacco pouch as there are many different types on the market. Leather, vinyl, zip, button and roll up pouches is just some of the selection you can purchase from all good retailers.

If you prefer to keep your tobacco in a tin, stocks an extensive range, with many of these also having a separate section to hold cigarette papers.

Never quite got the knack of rolling a cigarette? Not to worry: a rolling machine could be just the answer for you.

Lighters - A smoke of any description would not be possible without some kind of flame to light it up, so a lighter for any smoker is a very important apparatus. 

There are various types and styles of lighters on the market and many people are quite particular about the type of lighter they use.  Lighters are ignited by the form of gas or flammable liquid.  Zippo lighters use the latter and have been one of the most desirable lighters around for quite some time now.  Other famous brands of lighters include: Givenchy, Dunhill, Colibri, Sarome and Windmill to name just a few. 

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