Rolling Tobacco

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Rollie, roll-up, or hand rolled are all types of cigarettes made by fine cut rolling tobacco, also referred to as ‘Shag’.  It is a predominantly used to make self made cigarettes by hand.  Shag got its name from the appearance of finely cut strands used to make deep-pile carpets.  Shag was originally considered to be of poor quality. Shag uses a variety of cutting styles consisting of lose cut, krumble kake, ribbon cut and flake.  Some also use cuts that are significant of pipe tobacco.

To make a hand rolled cigarette you will need rolling tobacco, cigarette papers and maybe a filter (the filter depends on personal preference).  Hand rolled cigarettes are a lot cheaper to smoke than tailor made cigarettes.


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Storing your Rolling Tobacco

To kept Rolling tobacco fresh so that it does not lose its flavour or dry out, it is a good idea to invest in a Rolling Tobacco Pouch. Dry tobacco results in a harsh burn and hideous aroma, so keeping the moisture in the tobacco is extremely important.

Consider splashing out on a leather or vinyl tobacco pouch (roll up pouches work best, ones with zips tend to lose air and moisture) which will keep your tobacco fresh.

You can (for long term storage) also consider using a tin or a cigar humidor , which will the keep the humidity around the tobacco constant (around 70% is best) to retain moisture and flavour for when you smoke it in your pipe. Whatever you decide to store your tobacco in, it is best to keep the container out of direct sunlight and in a cool place, but not freezing, just below room temperature is ideal. You can also purchase humidifying disks to place among the tobacco in order to keep the humidity constant.


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