Pipe Smoking

Pipe Smoking

A Pipe is a bowl to hold burning tobacco, attached to the bowl is a tube to inhale the smoke.  Although this may sound pretty simple, pipe smoking is actually a skill. The modern pipe was created by Europeans over four centuries ago and they truly did bring the art of perfection.  Before the modern pipe the Indians and the South Americans created this smoking instrument; however it was made of coarse pottery or stone and was quite clumsy, the Chinese created pipe smoking from hollow bamboo, the Indians used Nova Scotia style pipes made from lobster claws.  In Asia and Africa earth smoking was a common practice, which involved a pit being dug in the soil which was used as the bowl and a hollow reed was used as a stem to inhale the smoke.

There are five basic parts to a pipe, the bowl which is where the tobacco is burned, the shank which is part of the bowl, the stem which slots into the shank, the lip which is the mouthpiece end of the stem, and the filter which is attached to the stem.

Pipe smoke travels from the base of the bowl, through the shank and around the filter through to the stem before finally reaching the mouth. The purpose of the lip is to prevent the smoke slipping through the teeth.

Smoking of a pipe is all about relaxation. Ever since tobacco was first discovered people have used a pipe to smoke tobacco, other ways of smoking tobacco include; cigarettes and cigars.  However smoking tobacco through a pipe is the most relaxing way and gives the smoker the most pleasure.

People take time to choose the right pipe, as it really is a thing of beauty.  There are hundreds of different pipes on the market so it is best to take time when choosing one that right for you.  The next thing you need to do is learn how to pack your pipe and then lighting the pipe is the next challenge. The actual smoking of the pipe can also be a challenge, and make take some time to grasp.  However if pipe smoking is your chosen method of smoking then it really it worth taking the time to learn and enjoy as it gives of a wonderful aroma and taste, and a very relaxed state of mind.






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