Hand Rolling Tobacco & Accessories

Rolling Tobacco

Rolling tobacco, also referred to as shag is a fine cut tobacco used to make hand rolled cigarettes by hand or with a rolling machine using cigarette papers and sometimes a filter. A hand rolled cigarette is referred to by many names including rollie, roll-up or hand rolled.

There are many types of shag/tobacco blends available that use different tobaccos, curing techniques and cutting types and sometimes additives like glycerol, sugar and fruit flavours are added.

Many people choose to smoke hand rolled tobacco instead of branded cigarettes.  This could be for a variety of reasons. For some it may be the fact that hand rolling tobacco is cheaper, for others it could be to do with the variety of flavours that are available.

An individual who smokes hand rolled cigarettes will most certainly also have many tobacco accessories to accompany the tobacco.  This may include tobacco accessories such as tobacco pouches, tobacco tins, tobacco papers and tobacco filters. Even though one may have to purchase a lot of additional items if they wish to smoke hand rolled cigarettes the overall cost will still be a lot cheaper than smoking branded cigarettes.

Products such as tobacco pouches come in a variety of materials and colours.  The pouch also includes paper slots and lighter sections.

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