Cigar Lighters

Cigar Lighter

Cigar lighters are not like any other fluid filled lighter, or match, which could potentially destroy your fine hand made cigar.

A fluid filled lighter for cigarettes can contain fuel which will contaminate cigars as it will leave a taste upon the end, which will be sucked through the whole of the cigar damaging the tastes and aromas 

It's important to use proper cigar lighters as these contain purely triple filtered or even higher Butane. Butane is a gas which is odourless and tasteless. This means that it is specifically used in these special lighters as when you light up, it will not affect the taste and aromas of your cigars.

It is also important to make sure that you do not use a match to light your cigars. This will again ruin the aromas and tastes of the cigar as a match is dipped in sulphur to help it spark up, which when breathed in will contaminate the whole of the cigar. Also lighting a cigar with a match will almost always mean that your cigars will be lit unevenly.

It is particularly important to use real cigar lighters to light up as your cigar is a finely produced product, which will have gone through different tobacco curing techniques to produce different aromas and tastes. Fine cigars will also have been hand rolled by someone who can roll hundreds of identical ones a day. It may have then been further matured in a special wooden box for years to produce its final aromas and tastes. Lighting a cigar without a normal lighter, or match will ruin the cigar and make this fine process worthless.

The best lighters have a double, triple or torch flame. This will mean that that flame will be intense and a colour of blue or green. An intensive neat flame will ensure that when lighting cigars, you will achieve an even light. When you light up slowly turn it while drawing in the air slowly. The lighter will ensure that the cigar is not spoilt by unwanted tastes or odours, leaving you to enjoy your cigars to their full potential.

Cigar Choice Guide provides a further guide to cigar lighters, and why it is important to use one. To buy cigar lighters to light your cigar properly, and enjoy its full potential check out UKTobacco. Although not ideal Zippo lighters are always a popular accessory for any smoker.






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