19 February 2018

The History Behind Rolling Tobacco

Rolling tobacco has a rich history whose origin spans many centuries and many continents. Here we will look into the origins of rolling tobacco and debunk so of those myths and legends.

The North American natives have passed down some stories that have become rather distorted over time. According to those natives who have passed down the legend, there was a terrible famine that took over the land. This famine caused crop fields to become barren. A spirit eventually came in the form of a girl, whose touch would restore the land to its former glory, simultaneously saving the native people.

Wherever the spirits left hand touched, the ground became fertile and eventually potatoes began to grow. The spirits right hand made the ground fertile and allowed for corn to grow once more. She eventually sat down and where she sat grew tobacco, and the land was green once again.

Regardless of how you interpret the legend, it is clear that the origin of tobacco began as far back as a time long before the discovery of North America by Christopher Columbus. Explorers were fascinated by the native’s method of rolling up tiny tobacco leaves and using them recreationally.

By the 16th Century, three Native Americans were brought to London with a large supply of rolling tobacco for their own personal use. Crew members of the ship that brought the natives and their tobacco began to inhale the smoke and soon realised it was difficult to stop. This marked the beginning of a global need for tobacco production.

Today there is more tobacco, tobacco flavours and accessories than ever before, and a reliable tobacconist in your area can provide you with as much information as you need about rolling tobacco. If something isn’t available online then they will be happy to search for the product elsewhere in order to assist you as much as humanly possible.