21 February 2014

E Cigarettes

E cigarettes

E cigarettes are a fast growing alternative form of smoking pipes and cigars, which is considerably less harmful. They offer nicotine in the form of water vapour, simulating the act of smoking tobacco. This is done using an atomizers which heats up a nicotine solution into vapour form which when inhaled satisfies nicotine cravings, it has been estimated that E cigs contain about a 1000th the level of toxins in a conventional cigarette.

Tobacco giants are now turning to E cigarettes to expand their market, so expect to see some of your well known brands start to bring out models of these. E cigarettes in the UK are expected to be classed as a medicine that doctors can prescribe to patients who are trying to quit smoking.

As nicotine itself is not particularly harmful, E-cigarettes are also legal to be smoked indoors in places where ordinary cigarettes are prohibited, giving you freedom to use it wherever you want.

E cigarette liquid cartridges are available in a number of different flavours and variety as the industry is growing rapidly, meaning you have a lot of choice in your experience.

The vapour from E cigarettes is not harsh at all when compared with inhaling smoke from tobacco, meaning the experience is pleasant and smooth and doesn’t leave such a build-up on your lungs. Another facet to take into account is the ability to smoke indoors in public as it’s not recognised as an actual cigarette – perfect if you don’t fancy lighting up outside on a rainy October’s day.

Having said all this, good tobacco can still be appreciated, and not everyone likes an E cigarette. Tobacco enthusiasts who have tried an E cigarette say that the experience isn’t at all as smoking an actual cigarette. Why not try out an E cigarette and see if it’s something you could see yourself doing occasionally as they don’t cost a lot of money and they last a lot longer than conventional cigarettes.

"electronic cigarette smoking" by www.flickr.com/photos/chiropractic

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