How to Use Your New Smoking Pipe

Tobacco Pipe

You might not already be aware that your new tobacco pipes should always be broken in. You can break in pipes by only filling half of the pipe’s bowl and drawing very gently, in order to char the pipe’s insides as you do. This will allow your pipe to toughen and give you the best smoking experience.

Light your smoking pipe using a pipe lighter or a wooden match. Using a petrol lighter can cause an unpleasant taste. Although lighting your pipe might seem like an incredibly simple task, there’s actually an art to doing so. First, you’ll need to char the top part of tobacco, allowing the flame to catch while avoiding burning the bowl of the pipe. This is called .... Click here to read more

Why Do People Still Use Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco PipePipes have been used to smoke tobacco for centuries, and are the most traditional way to smoke tobacco. With the creation of cigarettes, we since discovered a more convenient way to smoke tobacco, on the go or at home. Nonetheless, the tobacco pipe remains a firm favourite for many and for good reason.

Smoking tobacco from a pipe is meant to be a slower, more leisurely process. If you try to smoke a pipe like you would a cigarette, you can burn your tongue with the larger amount of tobacco being burnt at any one time. With this in mind, you might find tobacco smoking requires some getting used to.

But you might think that the best part of smoking a pipe is the wide vari.... Click here to read more

Types of Tobacco

TobaccoTobacco has been used worldwide for thousands of years; with written accounts of its use dating right back to 1492. Different varieties of tobacco are grown around the world and with thanks to importation these days, it’s made easy to sample blends from different continents.

Around 6.7 millions tons of tobacco is produced throughout the world, with the majority originating from China.

Tobacco aroma, colour and nicotine strength varies, depending on the curing method used on the leaves. Three of the most popularly used types are flue-cured, dry-cured and sun-cured.

Flue-cured (Virginia)

Flue-cured is the most commonly used tobacco. This proces.... Click here to read more

Pipe Tobacco Beginners Information

tobaccoWhen it comes to choosing a pipe tobacco as a beginner smoker, you will undoubtedly feel the large wave of information somewhat overwhelming. For many, delving into the world of pipe tobacco can be a whole new world, full of unexpected learning’s and products. Amongst the large range of pipe tobaccos on the market, there are a series of fruitful rewards for those smokers that will plunge themselves into the undiscovered land, uncovering the true beauty of pipe tobacco smoking.

Before you can smoke pipe tobacco, you’ll need a quality pipe. There is a huge range of different pipe types that you can choose from. From cheap or budget pipes, to more expensive and specially .... Click here to read more

How to Choose Hand Rolling Tobacco

rolling tobacco

Throughout the history of tobacco, rolling tobacco has been ever present, thanks to its convenience, good taste and flexibility. When it comes to selecting hand rolling tobacco, there are a number of factors that you should consider to ensure that you end up with a high quality and good tasting tobacco.

Hand rolling tobacco has much less variation than that of pipe tobacco, thus meaning the character of each type doesn’t hugely differ. With that said, it is still one hundred percent worth knowing what you want – and why you want it to ensure a quality smoke.

If the rolling tobacco is too damp, it will not smoke, while too dry will bite the tongue. Not al.... Click here to read more