Cigar Storage Guide

For cigar lovers and aficionados out there, the proper storage of cigars is crucial to having a pleasant smoking experience. While some methods are more well known than others, we’ll be exploring all storage methods in this piece, along with alternative solutions as well as those you should avoid. Read on to prevent any cigar spoils, and learn a trick or two along the way.

Best Storage Method - Humidor

Now, if you’re an experienced cigar smoker, this is probably quite obvious. However, some beginners might be scratching their heads at the best method for storing their newly purchased  cigars, or even worse, they may not know.... Click here to read more

What are Vintage Cigars?

Cigar lovers will know that time can affect cigars – as they age and mature, different flavours can develop. With vintage cigars becoming a more sought-after investment for cigar lovers, we’ve taken a look at what can make a cigar ‘vintage’, and what sets vintage cigars apart from those that have just been aged!

So, what is a vintage cigar?

There isn’t really a strict definition of what makes a cigar ‘vintage’, but the general agreement within the cigar industry is that a vintage cigar needs to be aged. Like with vintage wines, a cigar being vintage can also be more to do with the rarity and availabi.... Click here to read more

A Complete Guide to: Cigar Humidification

So, you have decided to make an investment in a batch of fine cigars. Whether they are Cuban cigars, premium blends or rare vintage batches, they deserve the best protection.

The humidification process can be quite complicated, and plenty of enthusiasts don’t know how to properly store their precious cigars. Fear not though, we have produced an extensive guide to cigar humidification.


Choosing a Cigar Humidor

When it comes to good cigar humidification, the first step is choosing a good humidor. Here at Havana House, we have a huge range of humidors for you to browse through if you have not chosen the humidor you want al.... Click here to read more

Weird and Wonderful Tobacco Pipes

To many, a tobacco pipe is truly a thing of beauty in that it is crafted with the utmost care and intricacy. For centuries, the design of these wooden vessels has remained largely unaltered, with many modern-day gentlemen still opting for the traditional style of an exceptionally gleaming wooden pipe. However, in recent years, the artistry of tobacco pipes has exploded, with many weird and wonderful creations not only hitting the market, but serving as works of art themselves. We take a look at some of the most eye-catching tobacco pipes that will certainly get you talking …

Earl, the Great Glass Skeleton

Traditionally, pipes are small wooden objects. But n.... Click here to read more

Cigar Tips: How To Rehydrate Cigars

CigarsDespite all your efforts and care towards your cigars, they can dry out and that is when you will find yourself in a situation where you’re in need of a quick solution. Therefore, one question you may ask is: How can you rehydrate a cigar?

You may have left the cigar in a car, or even neglected to re-moisturise your humidor. Fear not, these things happen but all you need to think about is that there is a solution. As long as the wrapper hasn’t cracked and the cigars have not become so dry to the point that all the oils have evaporated from the tobaccos, you will be able to solve this issue.

The process of rehydrating a cigar can take anytime between a coup.... Click here to read more