Tobacco Pipe Variations and Pipe Parts

Tobacco PipesTobacco pipes are constructed from three main components, which consist of; the bowl, a small chamber where tobacco is placed. The shank, the long thin tube that leads to the bit, it is through this that the smoke travels, and the bit, which is the mouthpiece of the pipe.

Pipes are not only constructed from one material, different pipes and different pieces use many varied materials, and these include some of the following.

Briar, the most common material for tobacco pipes. Briar is taken from the root burl of a tree heath. It’s so common because it has a natural resistance to fire, and therefore ideal for pipes, which is exposed to fire on a daily basis.
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Cigar Humidors

Cigar HumidorCigar humidors are cigar boxes or cases that remain at a particular humidity, these come with a hygrometer to keep track of the humidity levels. They can also been room or cabinet sized, in order to store cigars en-masse.

Regular or semi regular smokers often keep a small humidifier in their homes which can be known as a ‘Desktop Humidor’, these can contain 20 – 75 cigars. There is also the ‘Travel Humidor’ which is a small case that carries 2 – 10 cigars, these are useful for carrying cigars from place to place, so someone can smoke on the go. 

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