The Spiritual Journey of Tobacco


From the Americas to the Beatles!

Tobacco has a long history and has come a long way since it was first used as an entheogen in ritualistic ceremonies in the Americas to the highly marketed product of today. The term entheogen comes from the way people used to smoke tobacco in ritualistic and spiritual contexts to help “heal” individuals and bring them closer to their gods.

Even though people do not connect tobacco with god anymore psychedelic therapy still exists in psychological practice today but they rely on more complicated substances for their trials nowadays. Individuals who practice psychedelic therapy believe that tobacco unlocks key psychoanalytic abiliti.... Click here to read more

Which Tobacco is Right for You?

Tobacco Introduction to Tobacco
For as long as humans can remember they have always undertook the simple and pleasurable activity of smoking.  The America’s were the first known region where smoking was practiced and it was brought to the rest of the world’s attention by the explorer Christopher Columbus and his men.  So whether people choose to smoke their tobacco loose in a pipe or in a roll up cigarette,  or prefer to use flavoured snuff, every smoker has their own unique preference for the methods which they use to smoke their tobacco and the experience of smoking is often attributed to individual taste.   

Originally tobacco was well known fo.... Click here to read more

Dr Plumb Pipes

Dr Plumb PipesPeople have been smoking pipes throughout the world for centuries. From the Native American peace pipes, to the flamboyant and intricate pipes of the Far East; pipes have been used for ceremonial purposes and pleasure throughout history. Dr Plumb pipes also feature in this colourful, historical tapestry.

Dr Plumb pipes were originally first produced in Paris, France where 3 men established a firm, GBD, which was dedicated to the production of Meerschaum pipes. The manufacture of Dr Plumb began in 1925 in Saint-Claude, and they instantly recognized the great advantages of using briar wood for tobacco pipes. The firm prided themselves on the quality of the materials used and quickly.... Click here to read more