Tobacco Cocktails Pouring Out in America

tobacco cocktails

Any smoker will know that having a cigarette with a tall, cold drink on the weekend is one of life’s little joys. However, have you ever thought of mixing tobacco into your alcohol for a 2 in 1 experience? Well, in certain places in America, you now have the chance.

As sickly as it may sound, this new cocktail has been making quite the buzz at Father’s Office bar in Los Angeles. According to lucky samplers, it has a pleasant taste which does not detract from the palate and is instead, gently aromatic and is an intriguing mixed up for the flavour profile. The tobacco itself is not just dropped into a cognac but is actually infused wonderfully with sugar syrup.
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Tasting Tobacco

tobacco smoking

Much like a refined wine, it’s important that you are able to enjoy all the different tastes and aromas which accompany your tobacco once you finally reach the reward of lighting up. Any wine taster will be able to tell you a few simple rules and those that apply for tobacco tasting aren’t too dissimilar.

The first and most novel thing to do is to actually sniff your tobacco. This gives you a really early indication of whether you’ll like it or not as the nose works closely with your other senses to help determine the taste. Have you ever smelt some cheese and thought against it? Then the same rules apply: if you don’t like the smell then you most certai.... Click here to read more